Turbocharge Your Memory & Eliminate Brain Fog!

Tue, March 29, 2016

Turbocharge Your Memory & Eliminate Brain Fog!

Through Nutrition and Foods

with Cynthia Allen, RN, BSB, BSN, PHN & Natural Food Chef

of The Nutrition RN

Join Cynthia Allen, RN to learn what you can do to turbocharge your memory and eliminate brain fog!

Cynthia Allen, BSB, BSN, PHN, RN, CCWFN & Natural Chef is a Holistic and Functional Nutritionist and creator of the Nutrition RN.

She utilizes food, nutrients, and herbs to help heal the body, support digestion, balance hormones, and increase immune strength. The health education and recommendations she gives is rooted in both Eastern and Western medicine.

Seating is limited.

Register for tickets at: https://turbocharge-your-memory.eventbrite.com

For further assistance please call (925) 284-6150.

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