Thu, November 16, 2017

The Rheem Boulevard Sinkhole and Storm DrainReplacement Project is neither finished nor ready to open to vehicular traffic.Everyone in Town, including Town Council and staff, wants the intersectionopened and returned to normalcy; however, the Town will not allow such openinguntil all work is completed and the conditions will be safe for all involved.Remaining work to be done includes roadway striping; installation of the lasttraffic signal pole; electrical signal wiring; traffic loops; landscaperestoration; pouring of concrete sidewalk, curb ramp and gutters; and restoringelectrical service to Auto Haus signage. All of these items, and other minoritems not listed, must be completed to safely open the roadway. The completionwill be celebrated with a Ground Filling ceremony on Thursday, November 16,from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm, with the roads opened thereafter as soon aspossible. The ceremony is sponsored by the Moraga Chamber of Commerce, a numberof local businesses, utility companies and construction partners. No Town fundswill be expended on the Ground Filling Ceremony. The event will be bothcelebratory and informative and a fitting way to thank all the affectedresidents and businesses for their patience throughout this entire process.

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