Staying Safe in Orinda~Comprehensive Guidance From Orinda's Top Safety Officials


Following an armed robbery that occurred in an Orinda residential driveway last fall, community members asked Orinda Association President, Cindy Powell, to bring together Orinda safety officials to address community concerns, resulting in a November 2016 Orinda Safety Forum. Open to the public, the forum featured police, fire, and emergency preparedness officials, who shared important information and answered questions on safety. Produced and created by Susan Garell, the video Staying Safe in Orinda~Comprehensive Guidance From Orinda's Top Safety Officials is based on the forum and further in-depth interviews.  

The airdates countywide on CCTV Comcast Channel 27 are as follows through June 30th:
Monday, 8 pm
Wednesday, 10 am
Friday, 2 pm
Sunday, 9 am

The airdates in Lamorinda on CCTV Comcast Channel 26 are as follows through June 30th:
Tues & Thurs  7 pm
Sun, Weds & Fri 11 am
Mon & Sat 3 pm

Important Emergency Numbers In and Around Lamorinda

Orinda Park and Recreation Foundation

Orinda Park and Recreation FoundationSince 1975 the OPR Foundation* has contributed about $1.5 million towards Orinda’s park and recreational needs through the purchase of open space and support of recreational plus community service activities. We were originally formed to provide a tax-exempt vehicle to fund a public park and community center in Orinda. The building and 3-acres of land around it were purchased in 1975-76 from the Orinda Union School. Over a number of years our foundation raised money to develop the park facilities and make improvements to the Community Center building.

Our Mission “To aid and contribute to the City of Orinda’s recreational and community service activities related to parks, open space, beautification efforts, and community recreational improvements.” 100% of all funds that we raise are utilized to directly support this mission.

Selected Recent Achievements

  • Over $600,000 was raised by the OPR Foundation to purchase the 111-acre Orinda Oaks Open Space Preserve and develop adjacent picnic areas and trail systems.
  • Contributed to the San Pablo Creek Restoration Plan in downtown Orinda and worked with schools to provide access to nearby creeks for classroom study.
  • In partnership with the Muir Heritage Land Trust, we worked to retain a 6-acre parcel as neighborhood open space.
  • We collaborate annually with the Orinda Community Foundation to provide many grants to local organizations in an effort to further enhance natural resources and recreational opportunities in Orinda.
  • Our foundation works with the Art in Public Places Committee to place and fund the purchase of public art displayed around town.
  • We spearheaded a joint effort with Lafayette and Moraga to fund and build the Lamorinda Skateboard Park located in the Moraga Commons.

 The OPR Foundation annually helps fund:

  • Music programs at the Lamorinda Alzheimer Respite Care facility
  • Family Movie Nights, Summer Concerts, and Operas in the Community Center Park
  • Field trips for seniors organized by the City Park and Recreation Department
  • A variety of programs for teens organized by the Orinda Teen Council
  • Orinda’s 4th of July parade and festivities
  • Orinda Jazz Festival
Upcoming Projects
  • We have launched a two year project in collaboration with the City and various local sports organizations to purchase, install, and provide training for use of accessible, secure automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at each of the sports fields utilized in Orinda.
  • The City is installing a multi-sport electronic scoreboard at the Wilder Sports Fields by the City. Major funding has come from our organization in partnership with Orinda Rotary and the Orinda Community Foundation.
  • We are working to develop a set of trail maps throughout Orinda, along with upgrading signage on the trails and in parks.
  * We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a TIN of 51-0172525. In the 1980s our name was changed from the Orinda Foundation to the Orinda Park and Recreation Foundation. However, the tax reporting and some registrations are still as the Orinda Foundation. We recently branded ourselves as the OPR Foundation for promotional purposes only. For more information about the Orinda Park and Recreation Foundation, please visit