LPT Free Community Lecture! Nutrition: Revitalize Your Menu for Total Body Wellness

Tue, March 31, 2015

Lafayette Physical Therapy, Inc. proudly launches the first of its 2015 Free Community Lecture Series with Cynthia Allen, RN's "Nutrition: Revitalize Your Menu for Total Body Wellness"!

Are you suffering from any of the following conditions?

•Hormonal Hot Flashes
•Mood Swings
•High Cholesterol
•Blood sugar imbalance
•Type-2 Diabetes
•Digestive Upset

If so, it is time to revamp and revitalize your menu to create total body wellness from the inside out! Tame hormones and embrace health, soothe stress and feel sexy all with Real Food Nutrition. Learn what you can do naturally with food to lower your cholesterol, balance your hormones, improve your digestion and much more! Cynthia Allen is a Clinical Nutritionist and Registered Nurse. She is the owner of The Nutrition RN in Walnut Creek and will help you to solve the chronic problem puzzle with her insights on Real Food Nutrition.

Seating for lectures is limited.

Please call 925-284-6150 or register at nutrition-revitalize.eventbrite.com to RSVP & reserve your seat!

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