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BUCKEYE RANCH of LAFAYETTE: An invitation for all area community members

BUCKEYE RANCH of LAFAYETTE: An invitation for all area community members who recall the great days of the years gone by, when renting riding horses, having evening hay rides, using the summer pool, having square dances, and BBQ.s, earning horsemanship badges for scouts, or recall the lovely old Western town front… and also for anyone interested in local history, we can really use your help. Buckeye was a living treasure for the community and a unique ranch that will never come to be again, it was of a era that has now long past and had more history and influence than most people know about. I want to make sure this does not get lost to time and forgotten.

It closed in 1981. It was located over by Reliez valley to the west in a small canyon. It's part of Briones Park now. It's in unincorporated Lafayette. It was located at the end of Springhill Road neighboring the Twin Canyon Girl Scout camp.

I would like to invite the community members assist me as I am working to create a photo based book on the history and legacy of the old Tarantula ranch, later renamed Buckeye ranch. I am asking for submissions of quality photos you might have of the ranch for consideration of using in the book.

There is also a FB page started a year ago, for those who want to keep in touch with others who loved the ranch, and to share memories and photos.. It is open to the public and we would love to have you check it out and join us. We are currently working on the ideas of creating a memorial/commemorative plaque and interpretive panels with the EBRPD, we would love your help in these projects and would love to hear your memories of the ranch as well.

Any photo or historical submissions can be sent to Marianne Monagle at

The face book page is: Buckeye Ranch (of Lafayette and Vacaville, CA) Fans and Friends. I hope to see you there!

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