Annual Sports Readiness Screening

Tue, August 25, 2015

Does your child or teen enjoy sports such as soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse or hockey? Join Travis Moore, PT to learn about injury risks and tips for prevention and attend a short sports readiness screening!

Lecture Includes:

•How pain can cause poor performance
•What increases injury risk in sports that involve "cutting"

•Research on how to reduce the risk of injury

•What Physical Therapy can do to help!

Travis Moore, PT (Wellness Coordinator and Physical Therapist at Lafayette Physical Therapy) has a strong background in orthopedic manual therapy and loves working with young athletes. He helps youth participate in sports safely by introducing injury prevention, form awareness and educates players with current medical research to keep them on the field!

This workshop includes a short lecture and a five-stationed screening to carry out minor tests to assess your athlete's sports readiness! Register your athlete today!

RSVP here:

RSVP to register your athlete (parents and guardians do not need to RSVP as registry will allow us a more accurate number of screening participants). Parent or guardian consent and attendance is required for screening participation.

Stay tuned for our upcoming 2015 Lecture Schedule:

-September 29: “Fung Shui and Wellness” with Michael Duffy, BTB, M.F.S.
-October 27: “Bone Health: How to Protect Your Bones!” with LPT Owner & Director Valerie Watase, PT

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